Super Science Saturday Connects Students and Mentors

The day commenced by students making paper helicopters, getting to know their science buddies, practicing building block towers, and using water bottle tornadoes  Later on, the students split into groups and rotated through highly engaging science sessions.

The Habitats Session was run by the teacher from Inside the Outdoors.  Students Investigated habitats and structures of a variety of animals (walking stick, garter snake, tortoise, owl, etc.).  The students also had the opportunity to interact with some live animals.

The Water Filtration Session was run by the engineers from ASCE (American Society of Civil Engineers).  They discussed and showed examples of different types of engineering and the education/college they attended.  The students then worked in table groups to filter water through a water bottle filtration system (sand, coffee filters, 'dirty water', etc.) simulating the process that gets us our clean water

In  Building Competition Session, Buddy Groups planned, practiced, revised and ultimately competed to see which team could build the tallest tower that would support a water bottle filled with water.

Students finished the day by taking buddy pictures using a green screen and turning them into a postcard.